Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is out now – here’s the launch trailer

Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok

That’s Hitman taking off again, this time it’s Thailand-bound, with Episode 4: Bangkok sending you after a murderous pop star and his lawyer. Turns out you’re more than just disgruntled at his musical stylings, he did actually (probably) kill someone, and their family wants revenge. As usual, a new area means more than just one story mission for Hitman, with loads of new challenges and a series of tweaks to the game as a whole.

More interested in the Elusive Targets? Here’s Joel’s Hitman Let’s Play.

The full list of what’s new in Bangkok:

  • New Story mission: Club 27
  • 8 new Opportunities for “Club 27”
  • 20 levels of Bangkok Mastery, with the following unlocks:
    • 8 new Bangkok Starting Locations
    • 9 new Bangkok Agency Pickup Locations
    • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Bangkok: Casual Suit
  • 65+ Bangkok-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements

So that should keep you going until Deus Ex is out, anyway. Square Enix are about to have a very good month, we think. There will also be new contracts and targets from the Live Content program set in Bangkok – expect an elusive target before long.

Io Interactive have also made it easier to look for player-created contracts with a lookup feature, and have added a detailed weapon view mode to make it easier to see what each is capable of. They’ve also “overhauled” pop-up messages to be more consistent and give better information.

See the full list of bug fixes and improvements over on the official site.

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