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PMCs and human scarecrows in Hitman episode five, Colorado, out now

Hitman episode 5 colorado

The fifth episode of the surprisingly excellent Hitman, set in Colorado, is now out. In it, you’re hunting down a shadowy military operation in Colorado, USA. As well as a whole new level to explore and for future content to be set in, this is the start of the story conclusion for the first season, with this being the penultimate episode. You can see the full set up above.

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Titled Freedom Fighters, this episode will see “the events of previous episodes really start to make sense,” according to lead writer Michael Vogt. “In Episode 5, the story steps into the foreground and provides a much clearer picture of what has been unfolding and where the story is heading. We hope players don’t reveal too many spoilers online, but at the same time I’m excited to hear the reactions to the revelations of this episode. It paves the way for an intriguing and rewarding season finalé.”

That finalé, set in Japan, will be released later this year. In the mean time, Colorado comes with all the usual additions on top of the story mission – new gear and weapons, more than 70 challenges, a new suit and so on.

There’s also a number of improvements to Hitman’s other systems. Contracts Mode is getting a search overhaul to make it easier to find good community-created challenges, using both plain-text searches and tags. This is also getting a new Kill Conditions flag that creators can use to enforce ways of killing targets.

There’s also a group of bug fixes, balance tweaks and quality of life changes, as detailed in the release notes. All of this should be live now, so go hog-wild.