Hitman GO PC surprises Steam on February 23rd, just a week away

Hitman GO PC

As part of the lead up to the release of the new Hitman, Square Enix are porting the surprisingly great mobile title Hitman GO to PC, to release on Steam come February 23rd. It’s an isometric game about moving 47 around at the right times to avoid guards, disguise yourself and kill targets. Essentially a puzzle game, the short amount of time I spent with it a year or so back revealed a deep, interesting and fun little game. Impressive for what could have easily been a cheap cash-in on the franchise name.

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The PC version, officially given the name Hitman GO: Definitive Edition, looks a little higher rez than I remember, but in general the same strategic pog-based puzzle game:

Simple as it might look, it’s quite fun. You have to ambush guards from outside their sightline, but they aren’t the main target. It’s about getting to an end goal usually, and as you go things get more complex as you’re given guns and other tools to help you complete tasks. The simple, toy-like presentation gives it a bit of a sinister undertone, if you’re into that, but also keeps it clear and precise in how your actions affect things.

There’s no word on price yet. The base version of the game is £3.99 or local equivalents on iTunes, but the Definitive Edition will be coming with all the extra maps they added over time, along with the updated graphics. I wouldn’t expect it much over the ten dollar mark, though. They say that it will come with all the usual Steam bells and whistle, achievements, trading cards and all the rest. Will you be picking it up?