Hitman: HD Trilogy launch trailer reminds us we can now play all the good Hitman games in HD


Hitman: Absolution was not an entirely excellent game. Missing something of what made its forebears so different and unique. If, while playing Absolution, that loss was intangible, just on the periphery of your gamer’s perception, then you may want to return to the original games.

Unfortunately, time isn’t kind to games. Their harsh edges become more obvious, their textures seem muddier. Happily, then, IO Interactive and Square Enix have seen fit to re-release the original three games in an updated HD pack stuffed with extras.

Learn just which extras in the trailer below.

Those extras are the Hitman Sniper Challenge and an art book.

Hmm. Oh well, the games are interesting even if the extras are a little naff. The soundtracks, at least, would have made a moreattractive bundle.

The trilogy will arrive in stores tomorrow, 29 January.