Cross two off the naughty list in Hitman’s free Holiday Hoarders mission

Hitman Holiday Hoarders

Hitman’s December update has now hit the game, adding the new mission ‘Holiday Hoarders’ and a few general tweaks to the game. Holiday Hoarders is a Christmas-themed reskin of the Paris map with new items and objectives. The update is released in partnership with the World Cancer Research Fund, and developers Io Interactive invite all players to consider making a donation in exchange for the update, which is free.

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The December update was released worldwide yesterday, so it’s available for you to download now if you haven’t already. You’ll need about 1.3GB of space.

Holiday Hoarders gives a festive feeling to Paris, adding snow, decorations and a scattering of presents around the palace. Agent 47 can open these and use whatever he finds to help eliminate his targets; two thieves who have gained entrance to the fashion show.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Added a new content category: Holiday Content
  • Added new Holiday Content: Holiday Hoarders
  • Added the ‘Secret Santa’ Challenge Pack
  • Added the ‘Santa 47’ suit (unlocked by completing all of the ‘Secret Santa’ challenges)
  • Added 3 holiday-themed items that can be obtained and used in the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission.
  • Added a holiday-appropriate way to exit the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission.

The release notes are available in fullhere.

In return for the free stuff, developers Io Interactive have a friendly request on behalf of their partners at the World Cancer Research Fund. Here’s Io studio head Hannes Seifert: “Cancer is something that affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their lives. We’re giving away some fun, free holiday content to all Hitman players and we ask in return that if you want to donate to a great cause, please give whatever you can.”

If you’d like to donate, head to the WCRF here.

If you’ve yet to pick up Hitman, head toSteamfor all the sneaky assassination you can handle.

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