Hitman is getting a PAX panel and developer stream tonight


Are you excited about Agent 47 going back to his bald-headed, barcoded, sandbox serial killing roots? You should probably tune in to tonight’s PAX panel which starts at 20.30 PDT today, when I’m in bed. Sad face. There will also be some new gameplay shown off for the “Showstopper” mission.

The panel, featuring Hitman’s Art Director Jonathan Rowe and Lead Writer Michael Vogt, will last around an hour and will be focused on the visual and narrative design of the world. Among the talking points will be about how Hitman tells its story with its environment and snippets of overheard conversations, and also how that will affect player experiences.

The panel will close with the aforementioned “Showstopper” playthrough which, fortunately for people like me who will be asleep, will be uploaded to the game’s YouTube channel afterwards. That’s aslo one of the places you can watch the stream. The other place is the offical PAX Twitch channel.

Are you excited for Hitman’s latest cosplaying and murdering adventure?