Hitman’s first season closes with one last elusive target


The final elusive target of Hitman’s first season (sniff) is due to arrive later this month, alongside a new escalation contract, a huge bunch of featured contracts, and a fresh game update.

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The first new content to arrive is The Hamartia Compulsion escalation contract, which should land in Sapienza today. “Expect three different targets, a sticky pistol complication, and a few other surprises,” developers Io Interactive say.

As ever, Io have hand-picked the best of the community’s custom contracts and added them to the game, with no fewer than 15 new featured contracts also going live today.

The final elusive target of the season will arrive in the Marrakech bonus mission, A House Built On Sand, sometime later in the month. You’ll also have to wait for further details on the July game update.

Here’s Hitman’s July content in full, as announced on Io’s website.

With Hitman’s first season just about wrapped up, fans of the iconic assassination sim will have their fingers crossed for news of a second. Nothing has been confirmed, but season two was rumoured to be in development, and now that Io are independent and reportedly on the hunt for partners, we live in hope.