Hitman – The Complete First Season is releasing on Linux on February 16

Hitman Linux

Fans of penguins and devious murder plots rejoice! Hitman’s complete first season is releasing on Linux on February 16. 

Which of our upcoming PC games list would you like to see on Linux? 

The port was handled by notorious Linux experts Feral Interactive, who have a great track record with this stuff, so expect it to run well. There isn’t any Vulkan support, if you were hoping for that, however.

Since it’s the complete first season, you won’t need to wait for episodes to drop, either.

The game features over 100 hours of gameplay, with 60 Opportunities (read: murderous set-pieces), 80 Escalation Contracts (read: hits that get harder), plus thousands and thousands of user-created assassinations.

Each of the game’s self-contained sandboxes can be approached in multiple ways. They’re designed to hold a player’s interest until the next episode drops, after all, so there’s plenty of replay value.

Linux slips onto Agent 47 like literally anyone’s clothes slip onto him on February 16.