Finding Hitman’s elusive targets too easy? Let chance pick your next mission

Hitman Bangkok

If Hitman isn’t posing enough of a challenge for you with its fiendish one-shot elusive target missions, let Hitman Roulette choose a mission for you.

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Picking out which parameters you should set in Hitman’s mission creator, the roulette wheel acts as a sort of Cluedo shopping list for victims and the method of their demise, as well as other mission guidelines.

As well as telling you which entries and exits to take, the generator also tells you specific goals like not missing any shots, not harming any non-critical targets and even whether or not Agent 47 is allowed to climb at all.

You can go full random, or at least pick your setting before embarking on a one-of-a-kind adventure ending in bloodshed, likely your own given how none of this is balanced at all and will most likely be painfully difficult.

If you don’t feel there’s enough sadism in your clinically clean assassinations, the generator is right hereand also has a version for Blood Money.