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Io Interactive are making more Hitman

hitman io interactive jobs

As much as we loved last year’s episodic Hitman, when Io Interactive split from Square Enix it seemed their rework of the franchise was doomed to end in tragedy. But then good news started trickling in – Io retained the rights to Hitman and they started announcing more content. Now it seems the newly independent developer is in a healthy enough position to start filling up their staff again.

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Io are currently hiring for nine development-related positions, including level and game design, sound and UI roles, and QA specialists. Every one of the positions reference continued Hitman development, so it’s safe to assume the upcoming Game of the Year Edition content won’t be the last we see of the game – you probably won’t be holding your breath for Season Two much longer.

But it’s worth noting that Io had been already downsized significantly before parting ways with Square Enix, as they saw 70 employees laid off earlier this year according to financial reports dug up on ResetEra. We don’t know how much those layoffs would affect their production pipeline or if any former employees were rehired when the studio repurchased their independence.

Nonetheless, these listings are good news both for Io and for Hitman fans, since it means the studio’s in a healthy enough position to keep making new content and expand the world of assassination.