Hitman Thailand map is Bangkok based, will arrive on August 16

Hitman Bangkok

Update August 5, 2016: The Hitman Bangkok, Thailand map has been officially unveiled with a new trailer – you’re off to kill a singer.

The next Hitman episode has been officially unveiled. Episode 4 – Bangkok is fully titled ‘Club 27’ and has you taking out Jordan Cross, frontman of the teased band The Class. You also need to kill his lawyer, if that helps. We don’t judge.

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It will all become available on August 16, and the locus of the map will be a high-class luxury hotel, located near the Chao Phraya River. Hannes Seifert, studio head at Io, says that we can “expect musical instruments to be used for some unusual activity.”

As with each episode, it comes with new opportunities, disguises and 65 new challenges for getting various unlocks. Plus it will be a new location for elusive targets and such to be set.

Speaking of which, today’s elusive target is now live, sending you back to Paris to take out The Broker and steal his Ivory White. That’s probably cocaine. Go find out.

The official trailer for Bangkok is also available, which is the music video from yesterday with some Hitman bits appended. Take a look:

Original story August 4, 2016:In an endless quest to outdo themselves with new and ridiculous marketing campaigns, IO Interactive have invented a band, made some vinyl albums and shot a music video – all to tell us that Hitman’s Thailand map is on its way and that we should be excited about it.

You may have heard the name Jordan Cross mentioned by NPCs when you were playing in Hitman’s previous maps, well, he’s the lead singer and bass player of The Class – and likely a future target of Agent 47. Speaking of which, the one-outfit assassin makes an appearance the band’s music video, which you can watch below.

The video is made up of what appears to be in-game footage of the forthcoming Thailand map. If you can bear the music and stylish symmetrical cinematography until the very end you’ll even get a glimpse of the barcode-stamped head of Agent 47 looking out from a recording booth. Being stalked by Agent 47 isn’t the only bad news for The Class either, they’ve only got 34 likes on their Facebook page, so good luck making it big guys.

The accompanying vinyl record, which has been posted on all of the band’s social media outlets includes two additional songs, ‘Gun Show’ and ‘Shine a Light’, both of which match up nicely with future Hitman maps we know are coming: USA and Japan.

Thanks, Monster Vine.

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