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Hitman’s first Elusive Target delayed as new Escalations are added


Hitman’s first Elusive Target is running fashionably late to the glitzy Paris runway show. While originally planned to launch imminently, the first Elusive contract will now be appearing closer to the launch of Hitman’s second mission, Sapienza, in April.

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Elusive Targets are time-limited hits that take it even further than the no-saving of Escalations, requiring you to visually identify your target and to manually track them. It sounds like an 18-rated Where’s Wally where the player is really sick of Wally’s shit. Try to blend in now, you stripy jumper-wearing pr-BOOM!

To fill the gap left behind by Wally Cont… Elusive Targets, there will be two Escalation Contracts coming each week until the release of Sapienza. A pair of these even launched today, following last week’s.

“The Osterman Mosaic tasks you with a variety of different objectives,” says the official announcement. “As you might guess from the hint above, you’ll be using the sabre to eliminate one of your targets. On top of that, you’ll need to be quick to hide bodies, avoid some extreme security measures and take down an additional target – and you’ll need to do all of that fairly quickly.”

As for the second contract: “The Gemini Fiasco truly mixes things up and will test your mastery of Paris. Fan-favourite Helmut Kruger is involved in this Escalation, which includes a variety of different objectives and complications that will consistently force you to figure out a new approach. You’ll need poison and good knowledge of where security cameras are to complete this one efficiently.