The Prince arrives in Hitman’s Sapienza, make sure he doesn’t leave

Hitman Sapienza launch

There is a third elusive target lurking in Sapienza for you to find from today, but be quick about finding him because he’ll be gone in the next 72 hours.

Not quite ready for New Hitman? Kick back with some of the old PC classics then.

The Prince, as he is called, is hiding somewhere within Hitman’s second episode and a briefing video below and in the game should help you find him.

Don’t rush in once you realise where he’s at, though. You’ll only get one crack at this one, so make the kill count. They can only die once, so make sure conditions are perfect before setting about your murdering.

Additionally dying during the mission, or not completing it before The Prince’s time runs out on Saturday June 11 at 15:00 CEST / 06:00 PDT, will mean he’s gone for good! Forever! Finito!

So get searching for your dashing suitor and give him his permanent nightcap, ideally with no-one else around.