Roguelike run ‘n’ gunner Hive Jump leaves Early Access on January 18

Hive Jump

Get your trigger finger ready for this January, as Hive Jump is leaving Early Access, letting players dive into alien nests together and blast swarms, avoid traps, rescue surivors and power up so you can do it all again. 

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Hive Jump is all about assaulting alien nests while securing better gear, personalising your look and tweaking your strengths with its deep customisation options. The whole thing is playable with up to three friends, both locally and online, so you’ll be able to show that gear off too.

The 2D shooter has its own twist on permadeath, making each excursion feel meaningful. While players can respawn indefinitely, you have to protect a mobile respawn point to be able to get back in the fight. You can’t protect it if you’re dead, can you?

The game’s been in Early Access since July, but it’s launching properly on January 18.

“Early Access has been an extremely beneficial time for Hive Jump,” game designer Matt Donatelli tells me. “Thanks to our Early Access players, we’ve been able to introduce and refine our online multiplayer connectivity.

“We’ve also added new content throughout early access like ambush encounters, challenge modes with leaderboards, and new enemies like the Laughing Stalker.”

Check it out in the trailer above. If you like what you see, Hive Jump is currently $14.99 in the Steam sale.

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