Here’s a great deal for the Hogwarts Legacy art book

The Hogwarts Legacy art book is now cheaper than it was before, with pre-orders available on Amazon for the Harry Potter RPG game's compendium.

Here's a great deal for the Hogwarts Legacy art book

With the Hogwarts Legacy release date upon us, deals and pre-orders for the Harry Potter RPG game are at an all-time high. So it’s important you know about the best deals, and we’ve got one for the Hogwarts Legacy art book that recently leaked.

The Hogwarts Legacy mission structure has already been revealed in the art book, with it acting as a companion piece for the game as a whole. While it’s helped us learn more about the Hogwarts Legacy map, you may be unsure about picking it up due to its price, but we’re here to tell you that you can currently pick it up for a little cheaper.

You can get The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy book on Amazon at a discount, for $41.49 USD (£29.99), down from $50 and £40 respectively. The book is set for release on February 16, which you can pair nicely with the best Hogwarts Legacy PC deal as well. You can buy the Hogwarts Legacy art book here.

That’s up to 25% off for both US and UK currencies, and it looks like these are just the new list prices of the Hogwarts Legacy art book going forward.

If you want some help with Hogwarts Legacy if you’re choosing to buy it, we’ve put together guides on how to import your house and wand into Hogwarts Legacy alongside a look at how to get Hogwarts Legacy early access as well. We also have a list of every Hogwarts Legacy challenge category.

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