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Best Hogwarts Legacy broom and upgrades

You can get the fastest and best Hogwarts Legacy brooms and upgrades to make getting around a breeze, even if there is no Quidditch season.

Best Hogwarts Legacy brooms upgrades - Albie Weeks is a bespectacled young man in a warmly lit broom shop.

Want to know what the best Hogwarts Legacy brooms and upgrades are? You’re likely to get tired of moving around on foot rather quickly in an open-world game with a region as big as this one is. If you are longing to take to the skies, chances are that you still have a fair bit of the story to go before the game allows you to hop onto one of these contraptions, as the proprietor of Spintwitches Sporting Needs, Albie Weekes, is out of town when you first visit Hogsmeade.

Even though the Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch season has been unceremoniously cancelled by Hogwarts headmaster Professor Black, one of the many colourful Hogwarts Legacy characters you’ll meet in the RPG game, you can still, eventually, buy a decent broom in Hogsmeade. The shop that sells Hogwarts Legacy brooms and upgrades will open after you complete the brooms class with Madam Kogawa, which comes after your first Ancient Magic trial. You’ll need a fair bit of cash to afford one, so make sure you’re looking through Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests, selling useless items, and gathering coins on your journey.

Best Hogwarts Legacy brooms upgrades - all of the different varieties of brooms on sale. The one previewed is the Ember Dash broom which has fiery bristles.

Best Hogwarts Legacy brooms

All of the Hogwarts Legacy brooms function the same, though you may need to pay a premium price depending on where you find them. If you’re shopping at Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmead, all of the booms will set you back 600 Galleons. Give our how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy guide a read if you’re struggling to earn enough Galleons. You can choose from one of 13 different brooms, so feel free to take your pick:

  • Ember Dash broom – looks a bit like a rifle and has a flaming end. It does not go any faster. Costs 600 Galleons from Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Hogwarts House broom – a standard broom with a sash of your house colour. Costs 600 Galleons from Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Moon Trimmer broom – a pointed broom with pouches. This does not increase item slots. Costs 600 Galleons from Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Wind Wisp broom – a decorated broom with a saddle. This doesn’t make it more stable or comfortable. Costs 600 Galleons from Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Yew Weaver broom – a broom made from Yew with a sleek design. It’s no more reliable than any other broom. Costs 600 Galleons from Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Night Dancer broom – a broom with just one curve where the padded saddle is located. Can be obtained by popping two sets of balloons.
  • Lickety Swift broom – built with aerodynamics in mind, this fairly plain-looking broom does look comfier than the other options. Can be obtained by popping seven sets of balloons.
  • Wild Fire broom – an upgraded version of the Ember Dash broom featuring more burning bristles and an edgier look overall. Can be obtained by popping seventeen sets of balloons.
  • Bright Spark broom – a handcrafted broom with a curled tip at the very top. This broom has two bright stars as charms, similar to the caldron on the Aeromance broom. Can be obtained by popping thirty-two sets of balloons.
  • Family Antique broom – a well-used broom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Costs 2,500 Galleons from Priya Treadwell.
  • Aeromancer broom – a brown broom featuring a small caldron trinket at the front. Costs 3,000 Galleons from Rohan Prakash.
  • Sky Scythe broom – a unique-looking broom featuring dark green bristles. Costs 5,000 Galleons from Leopold Babcocke.
  • Silver Arrow broom – unlocked by completing the ‘Carted Away’ quest in which Arn sets a shop up at the end of the quest. Costs 5,000 Galleons from Arn.

Best Hogwarts Legacy brooms upgrades - the Hufflepuff wizard is flying on a broom through rings in a time trial.

How to get Hogwarts Legacy upgrades for your broom

After you buy your first broom, Albie will mention that he has ideas for enchantments for the broom. These upgrades will improve your broom, but you need to complete side quests to unlock the ability to buy them.

Here are all of the Hogwarts Legacy broom upgrades:

  • Broom Upgrade I – complete the side quest ‘Flight Test’. Increases broom’s acceleration and speed (Cost: 1,000 Galleons).
  • Broom Upgrade II – complete the side quest ‘Sweeping the Competition’. Further increases the broom’s acceleration and speed (Cost: 4,000 Galleons).
  • Broom Upgrade III – complete the side quest ‘The Sky is the Limit’. Further increases the broom’s acceleration and speed (Cost: 7,500 Galleons).

Of course, while you could fly around on the best Hogwarts Legacy broom all day, with all of the upgrades unlocked, there’s no better way to get around the Hogwarts Legacy map in a snap than to use the Floo Flames. Instantaneous travel isn’t as much fun, though. Speaking of fun things to do, you may wish to learn more about the Hogwarts Legacy challenges, as there are a few that require you to fly your broom into balloons or land on landing platforms. Meanwhile, we also have a selection of the best PC games if you want something a bit different.

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