Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle quest guide

Learn how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle quest and uncover the secret location of a valuable treasure hidden on school grounds.

Trying to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle quest? Just outside of Professor Fig’s classroom in the Astronomy Tower, you will find Arthur Plummly, a Hufflepuff student seeking treasure hidden within the castle walls. This side quest may not be much on the surface, but it teaches you a valuable lesson when exploring the school halls: nothing is as it seems.

To complete the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle quest and find the hidden treasure, you will need access to one of the most basic Hogwarts Legacy spells, Accio. Luckily, by the time this side quest appears in the open-world game, you should already have learned this spell by attending your first Charms class. This task will take you far away from the quest-giver, so keep your Hogwarts Legacy map handy and take advantage of Floo Flames for fast travel if you lose your bearings.

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle - a Hufflepuff student wearing a red jacket is staring at a painting of a house covered in snow that's hanging on the wall near a staircase.

How to find the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle

After getting the quest from Arthur Plummly, you need to turn around and head downstairs to find the first location. On the left side, you’ll see a rhinoceros skeleton as you reach the bottom.

Coincidentally, if you’ve already completed the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys side quest, you can find one next to the rhino, so be sure to pick it up while it’s fresh on your mind. Also, make sure you cast Revelio at the statue to pick up the Hogwarts Legacy field guide page.

After reaching the skeleton rhino, head outside into the Transfiguration Courtyard, and you’ll see a statue in the middle. This is the Wyvern Fountain, the second and another Revelio page location.

The third location on Arthur’s map isn’t far away. Head through the double doors into the North Hall and head upstairs, picking up the Daedalian key along the way. About halfway up the staircase, there is a suspicious painting of a house covered in snow. Cast Accio on the handle above it to drag the image closer to you, revealing a doorway. Inside you’ll find a chest containing an Authentic Historian’s Uniform.

Return to Arthur to complete this quest. He found some Galleons on his treasure hunt, much better than your useless robes, but you’ll earn some gear for your troubles.

That’s all you need to do to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle. Similar to the Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our Love quest, this doesn’t take much time to complete, but it does highlight the importance of experimenting with spells in Hogwarts Legacy. We recommend preparing for any inevitability by brewing some potions, equipping the best gear, and completing Hogwarts Legacy challenges to earn experience and get your wizard or witch some much-needed levels and points for your Hogwarts Legacy talents. For something a little different, you can check out the best PC games for a wholly different adventure.

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