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All Hogwarts Legacy characters

The Hogwarts Legacy characters appearing in the new RPG game might not all be recognisable, but they'll sure make a mark on your time at the wizarding school.

Hogwarts Legacy characters: three students talking to each other outside of a barn

Want to know which Hogwarts Legacy characters will be attending school alongside you, teaching you the ways of the wizarding world, or leading you to trouble in Diagon Alley?

With so many iconic characters from the Harry Potter series to pick from like the Niffler from Fantastic Beasts, to heroes such as Cedric Diggory, and even the villainous Lucius Malfoy – but do any of them appear in the open-world game? Is Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy, for example? Or Hagrid? We’ve compiled a list of every character in Hogwarts Legacy featuring both new and returning characters from the Harry Potter series.

Hogwarts Legacy characters list

Here’s a list of all the main Hogwarts Legacy characters, both old and new, that appear in the RPG game.

Hogwarts students

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Amit Thakkar, a Ravenclaw student.

Amit Thakkar – a Ravenclaw student who aspires to be a famous wizarding historian. He’s quick to help a friend in need but would prefer reading or writing about dangerous endeavours to experiencing them for himself.

Constance Dagworth – a student the player duels against. Her teammates are Hector Jenkins and Nerida Roberts.

Everett Clopton – a particularly troublesome Ravenclaw student who’s always looking for the next prank to play.

Hector Jenkins – a student the player duels against in the same fight as Constance Dagworth and Nerida Roberts.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Lucan Brattleby is talking to the player who is standing offscreen. Lucan is standing next to a pot and a suit of armour.

Lucan Brattleby – a young Gryffindor student who runs the Cross Wands dueling club.

Mahendra Pehlwaan – Unlike fellow Ravenclaw Clopton, Pehlwaan is a well-behaved student who infuriates others with their obsessively rule-abiding behaviour.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Natsai Onai.

Natsai Onai – a Gryffindor student who is wise, quick-witted, and possesses a need to seek justice. Originally from Matabeleland, Africa, she transferred to Hogwarts after her mother became the school’s Divination professor.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Nellie Oggspire is standing next to a tree. She is a Gryffindor student.

Nellie Oggspire – a Gryffindor student who tells you about the Daedalian Keys. Give our Hogwarts Legacy Daedalaian keys guide a read to find out where you can spot these key lockboxes.

Nerida Roberts – a student who the player duels against. Her teammates are Constance Dagworth and Hector Jenkins. It’s unlikely she’ll be a major character outside of the Cross Wands dueling club.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Poppy Sweeting, a Hufflepuff student.

Poppy Sweeting – a Hufflepuff student with extensive knowledge of and deep love for the Hogwarts Legacy beasts. She has a particular aversion to poachers and those who work with them.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Sebastian Sallow holding up his wand.

Sebastian Sallow – a Slytherin student who plays a huge role in the Hogwarts Legacy main story. He is mischievous, and you can either choose to follow him down the path of the Dark Arts or not. He has a twin sister, Anne, who suffers from a debilitating curse and seeks to find a cure.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Zenobia Noke is a first-year Ravenclaw student.

Zenobia Noke – a young Ravenclaw student who triggers a Gobstone hunt quest. You can skip all of the annoying parts of her quest by checking out our Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone locations guide.

Hogwarts professors

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Professor Phineas Nigellus Black  a “cantankerous” ancestor of Sirius Black, the Hogwarts headmaster is badly positioned as such, disliking his students almost as much as they dislike him. He is one of the few characters we know about already from the books, as his painting gives guidance to future headmasters.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Weasley holding an open book.

Professor Matilda Weasley – though there’s no official confirmation yet, we can only assume that the Gryffindor deputy headmistress is an ancestor of our favourite family of red-headed Gryffindors. She is, however, crucial to the story, showing you the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement and the Wizard’s Field Guide. Throughout the game, you can collect field guide pages to improve your wizarding knowledge.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Ronen.

Professor Abraham Ronen – as one of the main teachers, Ronen teaches Charms. He is said to be jovial, lighthearted, and particularly fond of games, as he regularly uses them as part of his unorthodox teaching style.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Sharp.

Professor Aesop Sharp – a master of potions, Sharp is a keenly astute teacher who had a lengthy career as an Auror until an injury forced him to retire from the field. Instead of taking a desk job at the Ministry of Magic, he now shares his expertise in concocting elixirs and draughts. He’s not easy to impress but will take genuine pride in those who excel in his class.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Professor Binns is a ghost who is teaching his class near a stained glass window.

Professor Cuthbert Binns – a ghost who teaches the History of Magic. It’s unclear how long Cuthbert has been dead for.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Hecat.

Professor Dinah Hecat – a stern but likeable teacher, Hecat teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts. Rumoured to have spent time in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic, her hands-on teaching method leads some to believe this satisfies her desires for action, but she is otherwise happy to be at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Fig.

Professor Eleazar Fig – another professor at Hogwarts. He is working to uncover Ranrok, Rookwood, and their villainous secrets.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of Professor Garlick holding some vegetables.

Professor Mirabel Garlick – as a professor of Herbology, Garlick grew up with muggles and didn’t feel quite at home before she joined Hogwarts as a student. Her sunny demeanour charms students and colleagues, and though many worry that she’ll one day depart for another school, she insists that she won’t ever leave them.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Professor Onai is wearing an orange headdress and bead necklaces.

Professor Onai – the mother of Gryffindor student Natsai Onai, Professor Onai teaches Divination at Hogwarts, having transferred there from the largest wizarding school in the world.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Professor Shah is standing over two students with her arms crossed.

Professor Satyavati Shah – raised by muggles, Professor Shah teaches Astronomy, perfectly complimented by their clear love of the sciences.

Hogwarts and Hogsmede residents

Hogwarts Legacy characters - the player is talking to Cassandra Mason outside her shop in Hogsmede.

Cassandra Mason – a witch who runs the haunted Hogsmeade shop. She only appears as part of a PlayStation-exclusive quest.

Deek – a house-elf working at the school who introduces you to the Room of Requirement.

Fastidio – he hasn’t been entirely revealed yet, and appears alongside Penny in Hogsmeade, though the leading theory so far is that Fastidio is a ghost or poltergeist.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - a mugshot of George Osric from the Ministry of Magic.

George Osric – an official from the Ministry of Magic.

The Fat Lady – we all know and love The Fat Lady from the door of the Gryffindor common room, so of course, she was protecting her students back in the 1800s too.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Nearly Headless Nick is talking with a student in the castle's courtyard.

Nearly Headless Nick – one familiar face we’re happy to see, Nearly Headless Nick was already a nearly headless ghost back in the 1800s, roaming the Hogwarts grounds. He may even make a special appearance in on of the Hogwarts Legacy challenges – if you are a Gryffindor student. An official press release hints that “He may be the key to helping the Gryffindor player find answers crucial to solving a significant mystery.”

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Peeves is bullying a child in a corridor.

Peeves – alongside familiar ghost Nearly Headless Nick, cheeky poltergeist Peeves makes an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy. We have already seen him bully a Hufflepuff student on the way to class.

Penny – we’re not entirely sure who Penny is yet, aside from an off-screen voice in the PlayStation Exclusive quest in Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto - Scrope is wearing a sack for clothing and has a bandage over one of his ears.

Scrope – Another house elf, this time belonging to the Black family, more specifically Phineas Nigellus Black. Scrope has been part of the Black family for quite a long time and is the keeper of many secrets.

Sirona Ryan – the current owner of the Three Broomsticks pub. She has a side quest that involves finding her old letters from students back when she attended Hogwarts.

Goblins and their Dark Wizard allies

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Ranrok's photograph in an issue of the Daily Prophet. The headline reads 'Ranrok's goblin rebellion. Truth? 'Gobbledegook'?"

Ranrok – a goblin and one of the main antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy. He is leading a goblin rebellion with the help from a group of Dark Wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Victor Rookwood is wearing a top hat and a purple coat.

Victor Rookwood – an ally of Ranrok the goblin and leader of a faction of Dark Wizards.

That’s your list of every character in Hogwarts Legacy we’ve seen so far. Don’t forget to check out our guide to the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms to see the differences between each of the four Hogwarts Legacy houses. We also have a guide to the Hogwarts Legacy map which looks at all of the explorable areas in the game. Finally, if you’re interested in a completely different experience, why not play some of the best PC games available right now?

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