Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase teases Harry Potter series secrets

A Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase is on the way, showing off brooms, advanced combat, and the Room of Requirement in the Harry Potter RPG game

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase tease hides Harry Potter secrets: a young girl in a black cloak with red accents stands in front of a tree

Another Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase is on the way, and developer Avalanche says the teaser for the full showcase actually has a couple of hints towards what will be shown, alongside some new details about the Harry Potter RPG game. As the Hogwarts Legacy release date inches ever closer, we’re getting more and more details about the game, so keep an eye out for any secrets.

First up, a new Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase is taking place on December 14 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 7pm CEST and 5am AEDT December 15.

We haven’t been told exactly what will be shown, but community manager Chandler Wood took to Twitter to tell fans to keep an eye out on the brief footage already shared, as there’s some stuff teased ahead of time.

“Super excited for everyone to see this one!” says Wood. “A couple of nice teasers in the announce video, plenty more to see in the showcase itself.”

We get three very brief bits of footage: one shows you riding on a broom, another shows you casting a spell, and the last shows what looks like a Graphorn, relating to a recent bit of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay that makes some Hogwarts Legacy beasts rideable into Hogwarts Legacy mounts.

Underneath the initial tweet we also get a follow up explaining broadly what each bit of footage is tied too and should be showing, as Avalanche says to “tune in for a new look at broom flight and traversal, advanced combat, and an introduction to the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.”

The second clip looks like it shows that famous killing spell Avada Kedavra is a usable spell in the game, as in the bottom right one of the equip slots shows a skull. Along with all the other Hogwarts Legacy spells available to use in exploration and combat, Avada Kedavra has been talked about for some time.

This clip also shows what your Hogwarts Legacy characters look like some sort of dark arts skin, as they have glowing blue eyes, a skull-like face, and what looks like decomposed skin. This may tie into using dark arts spells, or purely be some sort of cosmetic you can equip in the game.

If you’re excited by this Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, why not take a look at some of our guides for the new Harry Potter game. We’ve broken down how to import your house and wand into Hogwarts Legacy, all of the Hogwarts Legacy challenges, alongside everything we know about the Hogwarts Legacy map and its many Hogwarts Legacy secrets hidden throughout.

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