Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana puzzle solution

Learn how to use spells to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana puzzle side quest, including all three sets of block puzzles for Sophronia Franklin.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana - Sophronia Franklin is a third-year Ravenclaw student standing next to a painting of some apparatus.

The Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana side quest introduces the concept of some rather cruel block-moving puzzles, more of which can be found throughout the school. Starting this quest requires you to know the Depulso spell. Once you do, you should be able to speak to Sophronia Franklin, a Ravenclaw student obsessed with Herodiana, and who wishes to see her fabled robes. Unfortunately, she is a third-year student, and Depulso is a fifth-year spell, so she requires your help to find them.

After promising to retrieve the robes from the Hall of Herodiana for her, you’ll have a waypoint to the bottom of the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower. You can use the Hogwarts Legacy map and Floo Flames to reach your destination if you get lost. You’ll need to equip two Hogwarts Legacy spells to complete these puzzles: Accio and Depulso. At the bottom is a wall with a conspicuous brass button engraved in the middle. Casting Depulso will shift the wall, revealing the entrance to the Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana. This is also how you unveil Hogwarts Legacy Depulso Puzzle Room 1 and 2, which this quest acts as a tutorial for.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana puzzle solutions

Here are all of the Hall of Herodiana puzzle solutions:

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana - the first puzzle room.

Hall of Herodiana puzzle #1

In this tutorial room, you’ll see two blocks next to each other and a swirling cube inside two circles. Ignore the swirling cube, as this is a way to reset the puzzle by casting the basic spell. Instead, use Depulso on the blocks ahead and climb them to reach the door.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana - the second puzzle room.

Hall of Herodiana puzzle #2

This room is a bit more complicated as you’ll need to use Accio and Depulso to get to the next chest. Making sure not to stand in the way, cast Accio on the two blocks to the right. This will join these blocks with the floating one on the left side. Cast Depulso to send the blocks to the back of the room, then Accio to the right side so you can climb to the chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana - the third puzzle room.

Hall of Herodiana puzzle #3

The last puzzle is by far the trickiest and has the most parts to move. Start by heading to the right side of the room and casting Accio on the two blocks at ground level. Cast Depulso to send them forwards, climb up the blocks to your left and jump to the second set of blocks. Cast Accio on the two blocks to enable you to jump across to the elevated blocks. After this, use the reset cube across the room to reposition the two blocks, then cast Accio twice on the blocks, once to send them to the other side of the room and a second time to bring them to your side so you can jump across and reach the chest.

Return to Sophronia and you can either show her the Herodiana robes, demand a fee to let her see them, or refuse to show them. Whichever you choose, you’ll complete the Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana side quest and get some sweet collection items along the way. There are other tricky puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy late-game side quests, such as the A Bird in the Hand light puzzle, the musical puzzle in Solved by the Bell, and every one of the Hogwarts Legacy secrets. If you’re just about wrapping up your time at the school for witchcraft and wizardry, do check out the best Hogwarts Legacy mods, as well as some of the best PC games available for you to play right now.

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