Hogwarts Legacy HUD leak spotted in trailer by owl-eyed fans

This Hogwarts Legacy leak reveals an early look at the Harry Potter RPG game's HUD, which Hippogriff-eyed fans somehow spotted in the gameplay trailer

It looks like the Hogwarts Legacy HUD has leaked, or at least an early version of it, thanks to some ridiculous examination by fans of the recent gameplay trailer.

Warner Bros Games still hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming Harry Potter RPG game, despite it having a far-too-near release date of holiday 2022. In fact, the publisher seems to offer more Hogwarts Legacy leaks than news, such as pre-order and DLC details on the game’s own website.

Now, dragon-eyed fans have spotted another unintentional leak in the last gameplay trailer (via Reddit). which appears to show the game’s HUD – or at least a prototype of it. It can be seen on the black screen around 6:14, although “seen” is probably the wrong word. It’s only on a single frame and you have to apply some Photoshop trickery to make it out, but I can confirm that it’s really there.

It was (somehow) discovered by YouTuber Agito. The image below is a cleaned-up look by user Darkstar on the Hogwarts Legacy Discord server, which shows either a minimap, power, or health on the top left and four magic spell abilities in the bottom right.

Hogwarts Legacy HUD spotted?

As fans admit, this is likely a placeholder UI, so don’t expect the Hogwarts Legacy HUD to look exactly like this when it launches. Still, it gives us an idea of what to expect. Honestly, I’m more impressed that it was spotted at all.

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