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Hogwarts Legacy max level cap explained

Details on the Hogwarts Legacy max level cap and how it affects choices throughout the game, such as which talents to invest in and how tough enemies get.

Hogwarts Legacy max level - the headmaster Professor Black is wearing a suit and a cravat. His hair is fairly long with a side parting, and he has a moustache and goatee beard.

Want to know what the Hogwarts Legacy max level cap is? As a fledgling wizard or witch, there’s only so much you can learn in a single year, even if you are catching up on the curriculum by cramming in extra assignments. Most RPGs, such as this one, have a maximum level you can reach to prevent you from becoming overpowered, and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception.

The main thing with the Hogwarts Legacy max level cap is that unwise decisions with every level up will have consequences. If you want to improve your Hogwarts Legacy spells or the potency of your Hogwarts Legacy potions, then you need to invest in them with talent points. The other area of the open-world game to keep an eye on is the enemy level caps in the regions of the Hogwarts Legacy map outside of school grounds.

Hogwarts Legacy max level - the player is fighting against some spiders in a lair. The Thornback Scurriour is level 22, which is lower than the wizard's current level.

Hogwarts Legacy max level cap explained

The max level for a witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy is level 40. This means you get a total of 35 talent points to spend on perks; you won’t be able to invest in every single talent in the game, since there are 48 in total. You need to think very carefully about where you will invest your points as there’s currently no way to respec your Hogwarts Legacy talents. Luckily, enemies won’t normally be tougher than you, as they also have a maximum level of 40.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy max level cap. We highly recommend you keep an eye out for the many Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages scattered throughout the game to get extra experience points. You can find them by plucking flying pages from the sky, casting Revelio to find hidden field pages, or even as a reward for solving the empty painting puzzles by finding their corresponding Lumos moths. For a different adventure entirely, do check out our list of the best PC games, as there are plenty of games in there that you may not have tried yet.

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