Hogwarts Legacy gets pushed back once again

The Hogwarts Legacy release date is delayed one more time, as developer Avalanche needs more time to polish the fantasy RPG before launch

Hogwarts Legacy release date delayed: An old man with gray hair stands in the middle of a foggy village

Avalanche Software is pushing the Hogwarts Legacy release date out again, the developer announced on Twitter. The Harry Potter RPG was intended to release somewhere in the 2022 holiday season, but now, Avalanche said the plan is to launch the fantasy game on February 10, 2023. The delay will help the team “deliver the best possible game experience,” though Avalanche offered no further insights into the reasons for the latest Hogwarts Legacy delay.

That development needs more time and is running into unforeseen obstacles isn’t entirely surprising, though. The last proper Hogwarts Legacy trailer released way back in March, and since then, we’ve only seen the briefest glimpse of footage in a “next-gen immersion” trailer that, showed off very little about the game itself and some behind the scenes footage of the Hufflepuff common room.

The lack of new information hasn’t put a damper on fan anticipation, though. If anything, it’s just spurred them on even more. Recently, a group of HP fans took to Reddit and outlined a few of their hopes and dreams for the game, including the hope that they can do actual homework as part of their in-game tasks – unusual, but then again, learning how to shoot flames out of a stick does sound much more fun than doing algebra.

In any case, we’ll have to wait just a bit longer for Hogwarts Legacy, which probably won’t have Harry Potter in it in case you’re wondering. Hogwarts Legacy takes place over a century before Harry himself and his dreadful relatives, but that still leaves plenty of room for other creative callouts to the famous book series, from common rooms to important figures from magical history and more.

There’s still plenty of upcoming PC games to get excited about in 2022 though and some excellent RPGs to keep you company until then.

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