How to get Hogwarts Legacy Shrivelfig fruit and seeds

Hogwarts Legacy Shrivelfig fruit are needed as part of Professor Sharp’s assignments, and are required for making Thunderbrew potion, so here’s where to get it.

Wondering how to get Hogwarts Legacy Shrivelfig fruit? It sounds pretty tasty, but while you can’t consume it raw, you do need it to make Thunderbrew potion, which damages opponents with a storm. Ok, maybe we wouldn’t want to eat it.

You first come across Shrivelfig fruit during one of Professor Sharp’s assignments. The Hogwarts Legacy potions professor will task you with making Thunderbrew, and will reward you with the Diffindo spell, so of course you need to locate the necessary ingredients. As with other plants and fruits in Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a specific Hogsmeade shopkeeper who can help you out, or you can grow your own Shrivelfig in the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement. Here’s everything you need to know about finding, buying, or growing Hogwarts Legacy Shrivelfig fruit.

Where to buy shrivelfig fruit Hogwarts Legacy: The in-game shows the location of The Magic Neep

Where to find Hogwarts Legacy Shrivelfig fruit

First off, you need to buy Shrivelfig in either its fruit or seed form, both of which are available at The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. Purchasing the fruit itself will set you back 150 galleons, while buying the seeds are slightly more expensive at 450 galleons. We highly recommend that latter though, as you’ll be able to grow infinitely renewable Shrivelfigs. Before you buy either, make sure you know how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can also find Shrivelfig rarely in the wild, though your best bet is certainly to grow it yourself with seeds. If you do want to find some in the wild, we found a few Shrivelfigs during the side quest ‘A Friend In Deed’, given to you by Deek the house-elf.

How to grow Shrivelfig fruit

To grow Shrivelfig fruit, you must also have a conjuration spellcraft for a potting table with a medium pot. If you don’t already have one of these, you need to speak to Thomas Brown at Tomes and Scrolls.

Once you have the potting table conjuration and have bought Shrivelfig seeds from Timothy Teasdale at The Magic Neep, head back to the Room of Requirement, and conjure up your potting table. Place the Shrivelfig seeds in the pot, and the plant will produce fruit after 12 minutes.

What is Shrivelfig used for?

Alongside Leech Juice and Stench of the Dead, Shrivelfig is used to make Thunderbrew potion. With these ingredients, you can brew the potion to summon a devastating storm to surround you, damaging enemies who dare come close – we’d say that’s a pretty good potion to have at your disposal. If that’s not terrifying enough, then there’s always the unforgivable curses. While you’re getting your fingers green in the Room of Requirement, you can use a large pot to grow the Hogwarts Legacy fluxweed stem needed for Focus and the Felix Felicis potions. When you’re not roaming the halls of Hogwarts, check out some of the best PC games around right now.

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