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Hogwarts Legacy will be Steam Deck Verified at launch

WB Games says Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck compatibility will be a thing from day one, but we have reservations about performance based on the game's PC specs.

Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck verified: Key art with school in backdrop and floating Valve handheld with PS1 Hagrid on screen

Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck compatibility is officially a thing, as WB Games says the Harry Potter game will be Verified at launch. That means you’ll be able to run the open-world RPG on the go, but there’s a chance its visuals and performance will come with PS1 Hagrid vibes.

On paper, Hogwarts Legacy system requirements look like they’d make a premium gaming PC sweat, and even the eventual Steam Deck 2 likely won’t meet recommended specs. Yet, here we are, talking about how the open-world game will be ‘Great on Deck’ on day one. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s happening, whether you think it should be possible or not.

Over on Twitter, WB Games confirms that Hogwarts Legacy is Steam Deck compatible. In theory, you should be able to trek around the magical school grounds without a hitch, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Verification isn’t a complete performance fail-safe.

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If you’re a frame rate fusspot that won’t settle for anything less than 60fps, then Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck could disappoint. While Avalanche Games doesn’t include the portable within its PC specs list, cranking up settings requires a pretty capable GPU. Sure, the Deck’s AMD APU can handle many new games, especially if you play using its 720p display, but you won’t necessarily be able to boost fps.

Ultimately, playing Hogwarts Legacy on Deck will likely come with caveats, whether that means reduced frame rates or sketchy graphics. Reduced visuals at 720p might fail to impress some enthusiasts, and using the best Steam Deck dock and a monitor could transform the game into a PlayStation demake of sorts.

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