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Hogwarts Legacy mod promises to fix PC stuttering

A new Hogwarts Legacy mod offers some tech support for the Harry Potter RPG game, especially if you’ve experienced some Hogwarts Legacy PC stuttering.

Hogwarts Legacy mod promises to fix PC stuttering: A young wizarding student in golden Hufflepuff robes talks in the Harry Potter RPG game Hogwarts Legacy

A new Hogwarts Legacy mod promises to resolve a number of technical issues in the new Harry Potter RPG game, especially if you’ve been struggling with frame rate drops and frustrating Hogwarts Legacy PC stuttering. With a bit of help, the world of Slytherins, Griffyndors, and Hogsmeade ought to look better than ever.

With the best Hogwarts Legacy settings, your journey through the school of witchcraft and wizardry should run smoothly, but some users note that there are still some technical flaws affecting the Harry Potter game’s visuals, particularly when it comes to stuttering and slowing down in populated areas like Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms.

Simply called ‘Stuttering and Low Performance Fix,’ this is a new, unofficial hotfix for Hogwarts Legacy which promises to boost performance and reduce stuttering. Created by modder ‘Riesi’ and uploaded by ‘xowny,’ the mod offers to “alleviate the issue [of stuttering] until a proper patch comes out.”

Many users have reported positive results. “I’m convinced that you’re an actual wizard,” one writes. “My game went from being literally unplayable to very playable, which has stopped me from requesting a refund and has saved me from spending any more time on fixes that don’t work.” “Instantly noticed a difference,” another writes. “A lot smoother in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, thank you.”

You can download the Hogwarts Legacy Stuttering and Low Performance Fix here. With the open-world game running smoother, it should be easier to find all those Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statue and Moon locations. If you’re going on a major grind, you’ll also want the Hogwarts Legacy max level cap explained, so you know that all those hours exploring and spell crafting are going to pay off.

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