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How to respec in Hogwarts Legacy

Chances are that if you're looking to respec in Hogwarts Legacy, you've made a mistake somewhere along the way when it comes to allocating talent points.

Hogwarts Legacy respec - Professor Fig is holding onto a big book. He is wearing a scarf and a wizard robe.

Want to know if there’s a Hogwarts Legacy respec mechanic available in the wizard game? After all, we all make mistakes and want a chance to reallocate points without losing any progress. It’s a common feature in a lot of open-world RPG games, and would help budding witches and wizards nicely.

Some of you may be asking what advantages you get if you respec in Hogwarts Legacy. Well, it’s all to do with the Hogwarts Legacy talents, as allocating points to each one is a permanent action. Since there are fewer talent points than talents available in the entirety of the RPG game, you may find that you’re one talent point short of upgrading your entire Hogwarts Legacy spells list, or you opted to learn the Hogwarts Legacy unforgivable curses far later on but wish to upgrade their capabilites.

Hogwarts Legacy respec - the talent points menu. The cursor is on the Dark Arts category.

Can you respec in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sadly, you can’t officially respec in Hogwarts Legacy at the moment, though the ability could be added in an update down the line. There isn’t an option to do it in the menus, and you don’t learn how to do it later on in the game. However, there’s an alternative, but you’ll have to rely on Hogwarts Legacy mods in order to gain the ability to respec your Talent points. There is a Reset Talents potion that you can buy, using a mod, that will enable you to respec your character.

That is the unfortunate reality about whether you can or can’t respec in Hogwarts Legacy. If you wish to plan out your level ups, you may find our Hogwarts Legacy max level guide to be of some help. For help with the hard-to-find collectibles, we have locations for both Daedalian keys and Demiguise Statues. Finally, if you’d rather play something else, we have a list of the best PC games available right now for you to choose from.

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