Hogwarts Legacy mod adds iconic Skyrim villain Thomas the Tank Engine

Hogwarts Legacy mods are here, as the Harry Potter RPG game launches on Steam, and naturally, we start with classic Skyrim character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Hogwarts Legacy mod adds iconic Skyrim villain Thomas the Tank Engine: A young magical student holding a wand, looking at Thomas the Tank Engine in Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy

Well, Hogwarts Legacy mods are out already, as the Harry Potter RPG game launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You might be expecting new spells, visual updates, or a reskin so you can play as Harry himself. Nah. Channelling Bethesda, Skyrim, and some of the best PC games of the last decade, Hogwarts Legacy mods are steaming ahead with Thomas the Tank Engine.

From visionary creator ‘Showie,’ the Hogwarts Legacy mod ThomasBroom (all one word) transforms your trusty, flying cleaning apparatus into the eponymous really useful engine, letting you zip around the entire Hogwarts Legacy map inside Thomas’ cabin.

Horrify the Huffepuffs. Scare the Slytherins. Make the village of Hogsmeade shriek in wonder as you blast through the air aboard your cartoon locomotive. Potter might have his flying Ford Anglia, but that’s nothing compared to Thomas. Now you can finish all those Hogwarts Legacy challenges in style.

Showie provides simple installation instructions, but warns that Thomas the Tank Engine in Hogwarts Legacy has “some issues with clipping and culling.” One intrepid player has already uploaded footage of themselves zooming around the Harry Potter game in their flying train, so you can see the mod in action below.

YouTube Thumbnail

This is definitely a contender for the best Hogwarts Legacy broom, and really makes me wish Quidditch had made it into the game after all. Imagine, a whole bunch of people fighting over the Snitch aboard dozens and dozens of Thomases. What a spectacle that might have been. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, you can download ThomasBroom for yourself here.

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