Holiday shopping spree: One fellow’s spent around $3000 on Steam Holiday Sale badges

Guy spends $3000 on Steam badges

I often wonder what I’d do with limitless funds and no responsibilities. The boring truth is that I’d probably just buy my flat, grab a load of comics, and maybe upgrade my PC. I’m a very, very dull man. I have no idea how flush Steam user PalmDesert, a 32 year old chap from Tokyo, Japan, is, but he’s certainly comfortable enough to burn through around $3000 getting Steam Holiday Sale badges. 

He levelled his Steam Sale badge to 1000, which is apparently a thing people can do. If it brings him joy, then good for him. NeoGAF user alr1ght did a bit of math magic to work out the total, showing how much PalmDesert would have spent levelling up those badges. Maybe doing this will result in PalmDesert getting super powers from Valve, in which case, the endeavour would have been entirely worth it. 

I, on the other hand, have no badges, and regularly give away my cards for free. The last recipient of my generosity was our very own Joe, because he asked so very nicely. Not susprisingly, I’m level 10, and don’t expect to ever get any higher. I’m not much of an achiever.

Cheers, NeoGAF.