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We basically just got a new Resident Evil game and you can try it now

You can forget Resident Evil 9 or the Silent Hill 2 Remake, as a new, terrifying horror game arrives for Steam Next Fest with a new demo.

Hollowbody Steam horror game demo: A young woman from new Steam horror game Hollowbody

Silent Hill is a phenomenal game, an all-time classic. The only problem is you can only play it so many times before the scare factor gets turned down due to your familiarity. Likewise, Resident Evil. As rumors swirl about RE9 or remakes of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica, and we await the arrival of the Bloober version of Silent Hill 2, if you need a fresh way to get scared, a new cyberpunk horror with a superb visual style is available to play now as part of Steam Next Fest.

Set in the scariest place of all, Britain, Hollowbody is a sci-fi survival horror game and tech-noir short story with puzzles to solve and an inventory to manage, exactly the kind of retro experience Resident Evil fans will love. The city also has a Silent Hill aesthetic, all dark, rainy, and mysterious. The sci-fi bits throughout the game also give it a touch of Cyberpunk 2077, dystopian and gritty.

In Hollowbody you play as Mica, a black market smuggler who gets trapped in the exclusion zone, an area sealed off from the rest of the city by large walls. You must search for your missing partner and a way out of the suffocating zone. It’s infested with these almost zombie-like humanoids, perhaps diseased residents who stayed behind when the walls were erected.

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Hollowbody plays with a mix of cinematic and fixed cameras, meaning at any time developer Headware Games can take control away from you to hide nasty scares and surprises around each corner. Save points are far apart, bullets are few, and the atmosphere is oppressive.

If you want to give this spooky futuristic game a go, you can download the Hollowbody demo from Steam, right here.

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