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Homefront: The Revolution release date revealed in new trailer that highlights grim 2029 Philadelphia


Well, I guess that means it’s not dead. Homefront: The Revolution has had a troubled schedule, changing development hands and going through the difficulties of Crytek’s fall from grace. However, publishers Deep Silver have kept it alive and have now revealed that the near-future what-if-em-up FPS about the North Korean occupation of the USA will release across new-gen and PC on May 17th for Americans, 20th for the rest of the world.

Not your bag? Plenty of great games to look forward to in 2016.

The info comes on the back of a new trailer that introduces us to the slum-like Yellow Zones, where freedom is at a premium and surveillance is constant. We’ll also learn new racial epitaphs like “Norks” and that hiding in plain sight apparently means standing in a disused subway, skull-bandana over the mouth and AK on the shoulder.

I suppose the nice thing about inventing a universe where, in just 13 short years, the nation ofNorth Koreahas managed to invade, subdue and occupy the entire of the the United States is everything else gets a bit more believable. Vastly superior future tech army that also outnumbers you? Not a problem for Angry American Dude and his gravelly voice!

The significance of the Yellow Zone is it’s a half-way point between the total war situation of the further out Red Zones and the relatively peaceful if predictably named Green Zones, where Korean masters order all those nastry troops around from. At least implied in the announcement post is that you’ll have to use a bit of stealth to get into position before ambushing opposing forces, recruit other members to the resistance and eventually start the eponymous action.

It’s up on Steam now, if you want to take a closer look, though no deatils on pricing or any sort of pre-order incentives yet. Our Phil’s off to see it soon, so we’ll have some more in-depth opinions shortly.