Homeworld 3 is in development and has a $1 crowdfunding goal

Fans can invest in the long-awaited sequel through Fig

Gearbox recently shared a Homeworld teaser video, announcing that it had a “special announcement” to make at PAX West to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary. Well, PAX West is here, and Gearbox’s news is sure to excite fans of the beloved sci-fi RTS series – Homeworld 3 has just been announced.

Gearbox revealed in its Main Theatre Show at this year’s PAX West that Homeworld 3 is in the works. Its publishing arm has teamed up with Blackbird Interactive, which developed  2016’s Homeworld sequel Deserts of Kharak, to deliver the game, which is now in pre-production. The studios are launching Homeworld 3’s production with a Fig campaign, meaning that fans of the series can participate and invest in it – though it’s only got a funding goal of $1.

On top of this, people who invest and pledge through the campaign will be able to have a say in Homeworld 3’s development, letting devs know what they’d like to see in the game via a backers-only survey. This will cover aspects like game features, what the priorities are, plus what a collector’s edition could include. 

You can check out the Homeworld 3 announcement trailer below.

The trailer’s description gives us some idea of what the third instalment will hold: “returning the series to its roots with a gripping continuation of the story, fully 3D combat, and the classic RTS elements you expect.” 

It doesn’t sound like the title is too far along just yet, only being a few months along the road into pre-production. But given that it’s been 16 years since Homeworld 2 was released, many fans will surely be glad to hear it’s in the pipeline.