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Homeworld high-definition remakes in the works at Gearbox


Gearbox don’t have the best rep at the moment. They’re responsible for the lion’s share of Aliens: Colonial Marinese. The buggydeceitfulleaves-a-bad-taste-in-the-mouth Colonial Marines. The game which, frankly, if it were an animal you would happily put out of its misery, even if the only tool you had to hand was a lemon zester – that death would still be better than life on the open market.

They’re hoping to turn that around with a re-release of Homeworld. The space-based RTS which made Relic famous and brought joy to the hearts of many. Joy that’s now died in light of Colonial Marines.

We knew that Gearbox had acquired the license to the original Homeworld games from THQ, allowing them to redistribute the original releases but also develop a new one should they wish to. The studio hasn’t announced plans for any sequels yet but earlier today at PAX Australia they revealed that they’re releasing the original games and also working on high-definition versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing the original releases turning up on GOG soon, giving us something to keep our fingers busy with until the HD release.

Tim wasn’t too happy that Relic weren’t able to get the license.

Cheers, Polygon.