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Homeworld license bought by Gearbox


Gearbox have revealed themselves to be the new owner of the Homeworld IP, having successfully bought it in the recent THQ auction.

Initial plans for the IP are to re-release the two original games in an updated form. They don’t expand on this other than to say that these new versions will make “them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.”

We learned last week that the Homeworld IP had been bought when the Save Homeworld campaign, organised by teamPixel, had been unable to acquire it. We also learned that Paradox and Stardock had been outbid on the property.

In a short blog post, Gearbox announced that they are the new owners of the franchise, though they don’t discuss any plans on developing a third game in the series. That is very likely on the cards but it is too early for the developer, who are primarily known for first-person shooters, not strategy games, to announce.

The past 12 months has seen Gearbox release one critically acclaimed game, Borderlands 2, and one rubbish one, Aliens: Colonial Marines, so you would be forgiven for being apprehensive about their ownership of the Homeworld IP.

We’re reaching out to Gearbox to learn more of their plans for Homeworld.