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Homeworld Remastered trailer shows how Gearbox have rebuilt Relic’s cinematics

Homeworld Remastered trailer PC Gearbox Software

Speaking at Pax Prime Gearbox’s Steve Gibson talked about the current state of Homeworld Remastered. He says that the company started by thinking it would be a pretty quick project, releasing the original Homeworld with high res textures and some model work.

It’s becoming a lot more than that as the interview and video reveals.

“We started out just doing textures and models,” says Gibson. “Turns out we’ve replaced the entire renderer now. In addition to redoing the visuals we’re redoing the audio – doing an entire remastering with the original composer and voice actors. We’re getting the band back together.”

“We need to do right by this franchise,” Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford added.

You can see the work Gearbox have done on the cinematics at 3.36. They’ve kept with the original cutout comic visual style but upped the quality across the board. I still quite like the roughness of the original videos but the textures do look blurry in comparison to the new ones.

There’s still no word on Homeworld Remastered’s release date. I hope it’s before the end of the year but I’d have thought there’d be some whispers of it by now if that were the case.