Best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build

The best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build creates the perfect support character to add to your team comps, pulling units back into rotation before your turn is up.

Bronya performs her ultimate, a Belobog blizzard whipping around her as she brandishes her sword, an ability made more powerful via the best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build? If you somehow win at the gacha and get this five-star character, you will have the current best support character in Honkai Star Rail at launch. She is a Wind/Harmony type with access to some skills worth putting on any team as an enabler for DPS characters to do what they do best: kill things.

The best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build pivots the five-star HSR character as pure support, since her unique skill to dispel debuffs from allies while granting them an extra turn is the core of her kit. She can also increase attack and critical damage for all allies by a significant amount with her ultimate. If you’re lucky enough to pull Bronya from the Honkai Star Rail warps, you will have one of the best units in our Honkai Star Rail tier list, so here’s how you can fully take advantage of her power.

Best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build - Bronya is commanding her allies to attack.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build?

The best Bronya build is:

  • Light Cone  Memories of the Past or Meshing Cogs
  • Relics – Eagle of Twilight Line (four-piece set) or Musketeer of Wild Wheat (four-piece set)
  • Planar Ornaments – Fleet of the Ageless
  • Eidolons  Level 4: Take by Surprise
  • Team comp – Bronya, Seele, Tingyun, Bailu

To help explain why this particular Bronya build is so good, we’ve broken our picks into individual sections below, each with handy context for why that item is our top pick.

Best Bronya Light Cones

The best Light Cones for Bronya are:

  • Memories of the Past (four-star)
  • Meshing Cogs (three-star)

For this support build, you can equip Meshing Cogs, which focuses on regenerating energy when enemies hit Bronya. This can be an effective strategy if you find she can tank the damage, but ideally, you want something more offensive, which is why Memories of the Past is the best Honkai Star Rail Light Cone for Bronya. Not only does the Break Effect increase dramatically, but she also gains the same energy regen bonus by attacking enemies instead. Since you want to keep her around, these bonuses work better for the party.

Best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build - Bronya is gathering a magical snow storm to execute an attack while Pela, Trailblazer (Physical) and Serval watch.

Best Bronya Relic Sets

The best Relics for Bronya are:

Relic Effect
Eagle of Twilight Line (four-piece set) Increases Wind damage by 10%. After the wearer uses Ultimate, their action is Advanced Forward by 25%.
Musketeer of Wild Wheat (four-piece set) Attack increases by 12%. The wearer’s speed increases by 6%, and basic attack damage increases by 10%.

We’ve opted for the Eagle of Twilight Line four-piece set for Bronya’s Honkai Star Rail Relics, as it grants her the ability to act again quickly following the typically slow ultimate. If you don’t happen to have one to mind, then Musketeer of Wild Wheat can grant you additional attack power, as well as a base speed increase and a jump in her basic attack by 10%.

Best Bronya Planar Ornament

The best Planar Ornament for Bronya is:

Planar Ornament Effect Sphere Link Rope
Fleet of the Ageless (two-piece) Increases the wearer’s max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ attack increases by 8%. The Xianzhou Luofu’s Celestial Ark The Xianzhou Luofu’s Ambrosial Arbor Vines

The Fleet of the Ageless Planar Ornament merges well with Bronya as it keeps her healthy, but if you can get her speed up to 120 or higher, she can further increase your allies’ attack. Additionally, since she can enable her teammates to act outside the original turn order with her Combat Redeployment skill, this boost in their attack can be vital in more brutal fights.

Best Bronya Eidolon

The best Eidolon for Bronya is:

Eidolon Effect
Level 4: Take by Surprise After an ally uses a basic attack on an enemy with Wind weakness, Bronya immediately launches a follow-up attack on the target, dealing Wind damage equal to 80% of Bronya’s basic attack damage. This effect triggers once per turn.

With the addition of her Wind damage and attack buffs from equipped items, having this additional buff can make any encounter against foes with a Wind weakness a breeze. Note that it triggers after every basic attack, not just the ones that exploit the Wind weakness, making this trigger more often than you might expect.

Best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build - Bronya is looking down at her rifle which is off-screen. She is walking down some stairs in a huge citadel.

Bronya Ascension Materials

Bronya’s Ascension Materials are:

  • Silvermane Medal/Silvermane Insignia/Silvermane Badges
  • Storm Eye
  • Credits

Thankfully, you don’t need to go too far out of your way to get ascension materials for Bronya. She requires many credits, so finish missions or visit Calyx in Great Mine to farm some money. The Silvermane Badge, Silvermane Insignia, and Silvermane Medals are all items you can find on Silvermane army personnel in the Outlying Snow Plains or the Corridor of Fading Echoes on Everwinter Shadewalkers. The Insignias and Medals will begin to appear at Equilibrium level 2+ and Equilibrium level 4+, respectively. Finally, you can farm Stagnant Shadows in Rivet Town to get Storm Eyes.

Best Bronya team comp

The best Bronya team comp is:

  • Bronya – Offensive buffer
  • Seele  Main DPS
  • Tingyun – Buffer
  • Bailu – Healer

Bronya is an exceptionally versatile offensive buffer, and as such she isn’t really designed to take front and center in a Honkai Star Rail team comp. Instead, she works best as part of a hyper-carry composition that supports a dedicated DPS. Of course, our primary pick would be Seele; these two characters go hand in glove as far as the RPG game’s story is concerned, and this is reflected in their combat synergy. Bronya’s main focus is to pull Seele back to the battlefield as often as possible, facilitating her Resurgence talent. However, we would also opt for Jing Yuan if you prefer multi-target over single-target damage dealers, since Bronya’s skill can rapidly stack Lightning-Lord’s Hits Per Action well before it procs.

Either way, the best units to support this dynamic duo would be Tingyun for her damage buff and Bailu for her revival powers. Tingyun also comes with the added bonus of replenishing Bronya’s ult, which can in turn reinforce Tingyun’s own offensive buffs with a blanket AoE damage and crit bonus to all allies. If you haven’t been lucky enough to pull Bailu, Natasha is a great alternative for single and multi-target healing, and while she can’t revive anyone, her debuff cleanse is nothing to sniff at.

There you have it, the best Honkai Star Rail Bronya build for a pure support role in your party. Bronya is one of the best supports to add to your team, and we highly recommend investing in the Stellar Jade to pull her from the latest Honkai Star Rail banners. Grab additional currency from the current Honkai Star Rail codes, and be sure to check out our best builds regardless of who you pull. Finally, our Honkai Star Rail review offers a taste of our own adventures across the stars.