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The perfect Honkai Star Rail PC is here, if you act fast

Thanks to a new partnership with iBuyPower and Hyte, you can buy a Honkai Star Rail-themed Silver World PC, case, keycap set, and desk mat.

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If you’ve been searching for the perfect PC and peripherals to truly show your dedication to HoYoVerse’s latest RPG, you’ve arrived at the right station. The new Honkai Star Rail PC and peripherals range from iBuypower and Hyte lets you cover your desk in imagery from the game to show off your love for it.

The star of the show is the new Hyte Y70 Silver Wolf case, which is based on the Hyte Y70. That’s already one of our best PC case choices, but this one also comes plastered with amazing Honkai Star Rail artwork, including lavender accents, iconography, and various Easter eggs related to the game.

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The PC case also includes decoration on the rear, which iBuyPower says features a “back-ventilation panel [that] shows custom ‘Bubble Gum chibi’ character artwork,” along with a Silver Wolf Bounty “Wanted” badge above the case’s drive bay slot, with the bounty appropriately set at 5,100,000,001.

As well as just being able to buy the case, iBuyPower (which owns the Hyte brand) can also build a whole PC for you. The  RDY Y70 Silver Wolf Edition system will feature (subject to change) the Hyte Y70 Silver Wolf case, along with an Intel Core i9-14900KF CPU and an Asus RTX 4070 Ti graphics card.

The other components in the PC include an Asus Z790 Gaming WiFi 7 DDR5 motherboard, a pair of 2TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs, 32GB (2 x 16GB) of 6,000MHz DDR5 RGB RAM, an iBuyPower 360mm RBG AIO cooler, and a 750W 80Plus Gold power supply.

A keycap set and desk pad bundle is also up for grabs – the Silver Wolf “100% Break” set. The keycap set comes with a ludicrous total of 252 individual keycaps. For reference, a “normal” full-size keyboard comes with 104 keys. All the extras here allow the set to cover basically every possible combination of English language key layout and keyboard form factor.

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So, if you prefer an ANSI (American English) layout on a TKL board you’re all set. Or perhaps you prefer an ISO (British English) full-size layout (with numpad), in which case you’re still covered. The caps are made from tough PBT plastic with dye-sublimated legends, which means lighting won’t shine through them, but you do get some amazing-looking keys.

The bundle also includes a 900 x 400mm desk pad that again looks amazing. It’s a soft mat that’s an ideal size for providing a cushioned landing for your keyboard, as well as serving as a mouse mat, all while making your desk look on point. The desk pad can also be bought separately.

We actually got a sneak peek at these new products at the Hyte booth – where we also saw Hyte’s new blue milk Y70 case – during Computex 2024. There, the company was also showing off how its RGB software can tie into the game and create a theme so the lighting on your case, fans, keyboard, and light strips will match the game.

If you want to get on board with the Honkai Star Rail fun, you’ll have to be quick, though, as all these products are limited editions. The desk pad will be limited to 500 online sales and 500 in-person sales during the Anime Expo 2024, for example. However, the exact quantities aren’t stated for the other products. Regardless, you’ll want to get in quick.

The Hyte Y70 Silver Wolf case costs $299.99 – $80 more than the standard case, while the keycap and desk pad bundle is $129.99 on Hyte’s website. Both these products are set to ship in Q4 of this year, so sometime between October and December, inclusive. Meanwhile, the desk pad alone is available in August for a cost of $29.99. The first 500 case and keycap set orders will also get an additional “Punklorde Mentality” Curio acrylic keychain.

As for the iBuyPower PC, this is also in pre-order status with a Q4 shipping date, and a deposit of $299 is required to place an order. The total system cost is $2,299. The first 100 pre-order customers will also get a “Stellaron Hunters” upgrade, consisting of an exclusive code that can be applied to a future purchase of an RDY Y70 Silver Wolf Edition gaming, plus “pre-order bonuses, including the ‘Punklorde Mentality Curio’ acrylic keychain and an exclusive iBuyPower x Honkai Star Rail ‘Punklorde Mentality’ desktop wallpaper pack.”

If you’re tempted by the Honkai Star Rail case, but aren’t super confident about assembling a new rig from scratch, you can find out everything you need to know in our full guide on how to build a gaming PC. Also, check our Honkai Star Rail codes guide to find the latest ways to get yourself some free in-game upgrades.