Best Honkai Star Rail team comps

Here are the best Honkai Star Rail team comps you can build with both free-to-play and premium characters, including their roles and synergies during battle.

What are the best Honkai Star Rail team comps? With so many characters to choose from, you can be forgiven for not knowing which characters are guaranteed to synergize well, and which perform like oil and water. Thankfully, our best Honkai Star Rail team comps are powerful enough to help you defeat the hardest bosses with ease – and can help you prioritize your precious upgrade materials, too.

While some of the very best Honkai Star Rail characters may only be pulled from banners, don’t go reaching for your wallet just yet. We’ve also gone ahead and tested all the free-to-play characters in the anime game, including the best Honkai Star Rail team comp you can build without spending a single penny. If you’d prefer to hang onto your favorite characters at the expense of your team’s performance in the free PC game, our Honkai Star Rail tier list serves as the perfect inspiration. However, if you’d rather get straight to the point, here are the best Honkai Star Rail team comps at your disposal.

Three of four party members required to make a Honkai Star Rail team comp. Here we have March 7th, Dan Heng, and Trailblazer (Physical).

How to make the best Honkai team comp

To make the best Honkai Star Rail team comps, generally, you need a main and sub-DPS alongside two support units – one to provide shields or healing, while the other dishes out buffs or debuffs. While this isn’t a fixed rule, this compositional template will cover all bases and balance damage dealing with team survivability.

Honkai Star Rail free characters team comp

Here is the best Honkai Star Rail free-to-play team comp:

Party Member Role Light Cones Relics
Dan Heng DPS In the Night (Premium)
Swordplay (F2P)
Eagle of Twilight Line
Celestrial Differentiator
Serval DPS Night on the Milky Way (Premium)
Make the World Clamor (F2P)
Band of Sizzling Thunder
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Asta Support The Battle Isn’t Over (Premium)
Meditation (F2P)
Thief of Shooting Meteor
Talia: Kingdom of Banditry
March 7th Support Texture of Memories (Premium)
Amber (F2P)
Knight of Purity Palace
Belobog of the Architects

The sub-stats for all characters in this build in terms of priority are as follows:

  • Dan Heng: Crit > Attack % > Speed > Break
  • Serval: Crit > Attack % > Speed > Break
  • Asta: Speed > Break > Crit > Attack %
  • Trailblazer (Fire): Defence % > Defence > Speed > Effect Resistance

Since you’re guaranteed to pull Asta from your first Honkai Star Rail Warp, you can expect to combine the best of the free characters into one party by the end of the RPG game‘s tutorial.

Dan Heng is your main DPS, and his skill to reduce enemy speed upon a critical hit compliments Asta’s own ability to manipulate the turn order in your favor via speed buffs. Serval picks up the slack as the other DPS character, relying on Lightning damage over time to slowly whittle down the enemy along with burst AoE from her skill to pick off stragglers that have managed to survive Dan Heng. Alongside her speed bonus, Asta boosts the damage output for your DPS units, while March 7th uses her shields to protect allies while chipping away at enemies with follow-up attacks whenever those shielded allies are attacked.

Once you’ve wrapped up the Belobog questline, we recommend replacing March 7th with Trailblazer (Fire). Feel free to kit her out with the Texture of Memories (Premium) or Amber (F2P) Honkai Star Rail Light Cone, along with the Knight of Purity Palace and Belobog of the Architects for her Relics. Trailblazer (Fire)’s sub-stats would be distributed as Defence % > Defence > Speed > Effect Resistance.

Best Honkai Star Rail premium team comp

Here is the best Honkai Star Rail premium team comp:

Party Member Role Light Cones Relics
Seele DPS In the Night (Premium)
Arrows (F2P)
Genius of Brilliant Stars
Inert Salsotto
Bronya Support The Battle Isn’t Over (Premium)
Chorus (F2P)
Thief of Shooting Meteor
Fleet of the Ageless
Tingyun Support Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds (Premium)
Chorus (F2P)
Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Space Sealing Station
Bailu Healer Time Waits for No One (Premium)
Cornucopia (F2P)
Passerby of Wandering Cloud
Sprightly Vonwacq

The sub-stats for all characters in this build in terms of priority are as follows:

  • Seele: Crit > Speed > Attack % > Break
  • Bronya: Crit Damage > Speed (after DPS) > Break
  • Tingyun: Attack % > Speed > Break
  • Bailu: HP% > HP > Speed

Seele takes front and center in the best Honkai Star Rail team comp, since she benefits from all of the buffs from her teammates. Bronya uses her skill to manipulate the turn order in Seele’s favor, allowing her to kill enemies quicker and increase the chance for her Resurgence talent to trigger. Other teammate buffs from Tingyun and Bronya will increase attack power as well. To keep everyone healthy, Bailu serves as a powerful main healer – she can even bring back one fallen party member per battle, so you have a bit of insurance against particularly tough foes that might threaten to knock Seele out of action.

And that’s the best Honkai Star Rail team comps. We have plenty of other guides on vital mechanics in the anime game, such as Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels and how Honkai Star Rail rerolls work. If you’d prefer to stick with the roster you have, check out our complete list of the active Honkai Star Rail codes, as well as our guide to farming Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade for more opportunities to pull five-star characters. Finally, our Honkai Star Rail review reflects on what makes Hoyoverse’s latest gacha offering so compelling.