Hood Outlaws and Legends characters – weapons, traits, and abilities

Here are the four characters in Hood Outlaws and Legends and everything you need to know about each one

A group of four characters from Hood Outlaws and Legends

Looking for all the available characters and classes in Hood Outlaws and Legends? The latest PvPvE medieval, co-op game sees you team up with three other players to infiltrate strongholds, enact the perfect heist, and fend off the rival team with their sights set on the same guarded treasure.

After successfully taking down the guards and stealing the vault key from the Sheriff, avoiding enemy execution, and nabbing the treasure – you’ll need to make your grand escape, avoiding detection from both the enemy team and the Sheriff who are both hot on your tail.

You get to do all this while playing as the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood, as well as other characters from the English folklore. You’ll need to work together to figure out the right approach and that means finding a character that matches your playstyle, whether that’s the stealthy assassin or the powerful tank. Here are all the characters and the best class to choose if you’re diving into Hood Outlaws and Legends.

The Hood Outlaws and Legends characters are:

  • Robin Hood – The Ranger
  • Marianne – The Hunter
  • Tooke – The Mystic
  • John – The Brawler

the ranger crouched in a bush aiming a bow at a guard

The Ranger

Essentially a sniper, the ranger’s weapon is a longbow which can either quickfire or generate charged shots for increased damage. The powerful arrows can take out players and guards with a single headshot, so you have to be comfortable with taking enemies down from a long distance, as your team relies on your precision and accuracy.

  • Weapon: Longbow
  • Trait: Scout – survey the environment and tag targets for a prolonged duration
  • Ability: Farsight – channel the forest’s power, draw an ethereal arrow that explodes shortly after impact
  • Perks: The ranger’s melee capabilities can be improved by letting him use his arrows as melee weapons. You can also customise him to become a better sniper, granting you more ability charge when you kill targets at long range
  • Gear: Flash – blind targets for a short duration within a small area of effect using a volatile gunpowder gourd

the hunter crouched on a ledge overlooking guards

The Hunter

Or more commonly known as the assassin, your job is to remain undetected, using your stealthy character traits and abilities to melee enemies. One of the more difficult classes to master, due to the burst-fire crossbow damage and effectiveness reduction from a distance. The hunter can be played in a lone wolf style, with little focus on team positioning, or can be set up by the team to execute quick kills. The smoke grenade also comes in handy for a quick getaway or to get your team out of a sticky situation.

  • Weapon: Crossbow
  • Trait: Shadow – a blade in the dark, perform an assassination on State Guards from any direction whilst concealed
  • Ability: Shroud – blend into your surroundings, becoming undetectable to guards and almost invisible to rival players
  • Perks: Customise Marianne’s crossbow to fire bolts at a faster rate and improved stability at the cost of ammo capacity. Stealthier options include resetting her invisibility every time she performs an assassination to create a deadly combo killstreak
  • Gear: Smoke – cover the target area in a cloud of darkness, obscure visibility and prevent tagging

the mystic in the middle of a poison cloud taking out an enemy with a flail

The Mystic

The mystic is the support class, acting as a shield to allies by swinging a powerful flail to create space and stun enemies. His abilities also heal teammates, regenerate stamina, and highlight enemies on the map to help out teammates.

  • Weapon: Flail
  • Trait: Respire – due to enhanced breathing, stamina is regenerated at a faster rate following usage
  • Ability: Instinct – embody the environment, highlight obscured enemies for teammates and heal those within close range
  • Perks: The mystic can channel vampiric powers to leach life from his opponents or choose to benefit from increased attack damage when at full health
  • Gear: Poison – disperse enemies with a long lasting elixir which drains stamina and impairs the vision of those affected

the brawler running with his hammer towards a guard

The Brawler

The brawler wields a powerful hammer and thrives in close-range combat dealing fatal blows or mighty sweeping attacks on swathes of enemies. Those comfortable playing as tanks should choose the brawler for his offensive and defensive capabilities; inflicting high damage output but able to hold off enemies and protect squishier teammates.

  • Weapon: Hammer
  • Trait: Resolute – raise the portcullis gate, providing an opening for teammates during lockdown.
  • Ability: Wrath – unleash your inner beast, enhancing your offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Perks: The brawler is capable of completing objectives faster, which includes the speed he carries the chest and his winching speed. You can give him abilities that improve his momentum in a brawl, like damage boosts after a streak of kills or ability gain linked to the amount of damage taken
  • Gear: Explosive – kill all targets within proximity of the blast radius following a delayed fuse

That’s everything you need to know about picking the best class in Hood Outlaws and Legends. For similar games, try out the best co-op games on PC, and the best stealth games for sneaky players.