Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port won’t have a FOV slider

Guerrilla dev says a FOV slider would compromise the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience

Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy taking on robot dinosaur

We’ve all tinkered with something when it comes to trying to get a game feeling just right. Some players fine-tune their weapon skills by adjusting the aim assist, others turn down the music volume to make sure the special effects pop. Altering how a game looks is another favourite but if you’re hoping to adjust the field of view in Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, it seems like you won’t be able to.

A player took to the game’s Steam forums to pose the question, explaining they’d like to adjust how much of the world they could see at one time. They got an answer from a Guerrilla developer explaining that FOV support wouldn’t be implemented as it would “compromise” the intended Horizon Zero Dawn experience.

“We will add several ways to customise your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC,” a Guerrilla developer replied on Steam. “However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this.”

There will, however, be ultra-wide support. Players noticed that several screenshots on the game’s Steam page were taken from a PS4 Pro, apart from one that appears notably wider. “We will support ultra-wide!” a Guerilla dev said in a separate Steam forum post. “As others in this thread already pointed out, the first screenshot on the store page is taken from the PC port.”

There’s not long to wait now for the Horizon Zero Dawn release date as it should be out later this year. On top of the base game, you’ll also be getting the Frozen Wilds expansion and some minor cosmetic packs. If you don’t fancy waiting, though, then here are some titles that are like a Horizon Zero Dawn PC game. I’m looking forward to all the bonkers Horizon Zero Dawn mods we’ll get.