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Horizon Zero Dawn is a hit on PC

Within three hours of its PC launch, Horizon Zero Dawn had more than 50,000 concurrent players on Steam alone

Sure, it’s been more than three years since Horizon Zero Dawn came out on PlayStation 4, but that fact doesn’t seem to have diminished the anticipation for the PC edition. The Horizon Zero Dawn PC release date is upon us, and the game is already proving to be a hit, racking up more than 50,000 concurrent players on Steam just hours after going live.

According to SteamDB, Horizon Zero Dawn hit a peak of 56,557 concurrent Steam players at about 17:38 GMT. That’s only part of the story, too, since Horizon Zero Dawn is also available for PC via the Epic Games Store. But those numbers are enough to put it in the top ten most-played games on Steam, just below Team Fortress 2 and Destiny 2, peaking just above Warframe’s daily high.

Horizon Zero Dawn is beautiful and competently made, if perhaps slightly too by-the-numbers in its approach to open-world game design, Malindy Hetfeld writes in our Horizon Zero Dawn review. The PC version has met with positive reviews across the board from critics.

We’re relieved that the upgraded visuals for the PC edition haven’t meant as big an increase to the install size as we had initially anticipated, and the Decima-powered game doesn’t have outlandish system requirements, either.

If mechanical dinosaurs aren’t your thing, though, there are plenty of other great open world games to explore on your PC.