Hotline Miami 2’s level editor is live on Steam

Hotline Miami 2

The level editor for Hotline Miami 2 has finally left beta and launched on Steam Workshop, letting players create their own neon murderboxes. 

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number’s level editor promises a lot of depth, letting people create single levels and full campaigns, including custom cutscenes so you can tie your creations together with a suitably deranged story.

These levels can be created across multiple floors, choosing enemy and weapon placement, plonking down furnishings, decorations and everything else in-between.

Creations can be shared on Steam Workshop, with a bunch of new creations and remixed classics already sitting on there now.

If that sounds good, Hotline Miami 2 is currently 75% off on Steam right now.

Hotline Miami 2’s level editor was apparently almost complete in May last year, but it’s taken a bit longer (over a year longer) for it to materialise.

A Mac and Linux version of the level editor will be available in the future. However, the level editor will not make it to console users.