Hotline Miami dev’s next game may horrify or delight you, depending

Details are scant otherwise

In 2020, Hotline Miami and its sequel were ported to Xbox One and Google Stadia. As clocks rolled over to 2021, one of the developers behind the indie games spoke a little about his new project, and it sounds exactly like you’d expect.

In a vague tweet, Jonatan Söderström says the upcoming game is something a little more personal, and that reactions will likely be extreme, and mixed. “I wish I could write about what we’re working on,” He says. “It is a passion project so I’m not sure who will enjoy it. But I’m sure some people will be horrified and others delighted!”

Since it’s 2021, that means it’s nine years since Hotline Miami first launched. The surreal, ultra-violent action-adventure game was a massive hit on PC and console, helping put Devolver Digital on the map as a publisher. Söderström and developer Dennaton Games made a follow-up, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, released in 2015. The team added a level editor in 2016, and the enduring popularity led to a port of the Hotline Miami Collection to Nintendo Switch in 2019, and the aforementioned systems last year.

This tweet sounds like Söderström is starting to move away from the series that made his name into fresher waters, and it sounds like he’s going for the same effect as Hotline Miami had.

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