House Flipper adds the Kame House from Dragon Ball Z in its (real) April Fool’s update

April Fool’s Day is here, and while that means that a large part of the game industry is going to spend the day lying to younot us, though – it also means that some devs are going to take the opportunity to make extremely silly, but real, updates to their games. Like Empyrean, for example, which has just added Dragon Ball Z’s Kame House to its cult Steam hit, House Flipper.

Okay, well, it’s actually the ‘Make House’ and there’s no official mention of Dragon Ball Z here, but hey, I can’t imagine the real license is cheap. Either way, this is unmistakably Master Roshi’s island abode, complete with a set of seven magical balls to collect. My question: once you fix up the house, who’s gonna buy real estate that you can only reach by cloud?

The update also features a number of more general additions. You can get full details in the patch notes, but the update includes new items like a “sliding door, narrow options for bathroom and living room door, pouf and sofa Tortoise, hanging corner cabinet Glen, sunglasses and two easels”.

Check out the legally-distinct Make House for yourself in the teaser below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Whether you’re looking for relaxing games or anime games, it seems that House Flipper has you covered these days.