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How to bring a gaming PC to Afghanistan


Imagine being an army man. No, not a Call of Duty character. A genuine soldier in the armed forces. Imagine you’re about to be deployed to Afghanistan. Out there you’ll have almost nothing to do but stand around waiting for something to happen. Now also imagine that you’ve been told you cannot take your game-laden desktop PC with you by senior command. Will orders stop you? It didn’t stop reddit user narshal… 

A US Marine generator technician, narshal knew that he’d be spending almost every living hour at base camp. That’s valuable gaming time. So there had to be a way of getting his desktop PC out to Afghan. The solution was to strip it out of its case and rebuild it inside a Marines pelican transport crate.

“We were authorized 3 bags, so that was usually our ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) and our deployment bag and a sea bag if you wanted, some marines parent commands had them bring their rifles in pelican cases so mine just blended in and I volunteered for all the working parties on the way so I could personally load and unload it off of the plane/air force pallet” explained narshal on Reddit.

The results are ingenious. With an improvised plywood desk to mount his mouse and miniature keyboard on, narshal is out there with his pride and joy. Just don’t ask him to download anything; the best speeds he can get on the local ISP is a mere 50kb/s.