How to look good in WildStar and pretty much anywhere

WildStar customisation

A lot of WildStar involves whacking things with big cartoon swords or shooting other things with big cartoon guns, but there’s a lot of fiddling with a slew of customisable features to do in between all the wanton slaughter. The latest DevSpeak video showcases a bunch of the faffing around you can do to make your perfect, likely evolving, character.

Bubblecars. Yes, please. I’ve not really delved into much of the customisation beyond the character creator, which is pretty extensive, but I’ve messed around with the loadouts and rather like what I’ve seen. Modern MMOs are lamentably pretty repetitive affairs, so being able to have a substantial list of options when it comes to any given encounter spices up the combat nicely.

The buildings look like an eclectic bunch, and I can certainly imagine scooting out of my mechanical monstrosity’s garage on my retro hoverboard or confused dinosaur mount just looking like a boss. A lot of the charm comes from the art style, which from now on I’m just going to refer to as post-WoW. Yes, I just made up an art style.