HTC Vive wireless add-on sells out of pre-orders in 18 minutes

HTC Vive wireless kit Kobe Bryant

A wireless adapter for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset has sold through its first batch of $220 pre-orders just 18 minutes after opening the doors for customers today.

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The accessory, developed by TPCAST, one of 33 companies working on HTC Vive improvements, was shown off at Chinese internet vendor Alibaba’s offices yesterday.

The unit, which straps onto the headset to receive video signals and transmit accelerometer data, is apparently so low latency it produces “no noticeable difference” in the experience.

UploadVR’s interview with HTC Vive president Alvin Graylin also revealed that the $220 device would be receiving additional battery packs in the future, as a second batch of pre-orders will be made available next month.

HTC and Valve have several firms working on wireless technology, it seems, as Quark VR are also developing latency-free video transmission to the head-mounted display.

As part of yesterday’s demo, former NBA legend Kobe Bryant also had a chance to look into the world of tomorrow through wireless goggles. He might be impressed. Not sure. His face is obscured by a hunk of plastic.