HTC’s new and improved Vive Cosmos PC VR headset briefly listed for £700

HTC Vive Cosmos

Here’s a headset that may have flown under the radar: the HTC Vive Cosmos. While we were getting all excited for the Valve Index, HTC was plugging away at its follow-up to the Vive, a mysterious headset that we now expect to sit around the £700 mark after it was briefly listed on UK retailer Argos’ online store.

This tethered PC VR kit will improve on previous headsets when it launches in Q3 this year, but that price tag is hard to ignore, even for a high-end experience. The device occupies the space between the £399 Oculus Rift S and the £919 Valve Index, the Vive Cosmos has a fight on its hands to win over either market with its middle of the road design.

To spur on sales, HTC has seen fit to install inside-out tracking, across six cameras, and increased the combined resolution across both eyes to 2880 x 1700. Anyone with experience in the original Vive will be glad to know that ergonomics have taken centre stage with the new design. The front of the device now flips up, and the lopsided weight distribution of the first model replaced with what HTC is describing as a “perfected” balance.

The styling of the device remains somewhat similar to before, if not for the slightly more bombastic light-up controller motif.

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This headset is cheaper than the HTC Vive Pro at least, and the Vive Cosmos listed over at Argos (via UploadVR) looked to be the full kit with controllers.

HTC is yet to confirm or deny the price, so it could be subject to change before this headset’s Q3 launch. We at least know for sure that HTC intends to keep the price below $900.

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