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Humankind is getting an African cultures DLC

The Cultures of Africa DLC pack for Humankind arrives January 20

Humankind settlements in the Cultures of Africa DLC pack feature ring walls around ancient-style huts, as cavalry march atop a ridge.

Historical 4X game Humankind is getting its first expansion pack this month. The Cultures of Africa DLC is set to launch January 20, and will add six new cultures to the 60 existing cultures present in the base game, with one new culture per era.

The DLC, which you can pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store, also adds new wonders to build or discover, seven new independent peoples, and 15 new narrative events. From the earliest to most modern, the new cultures are the Bantu, the Garamantes, the Swahili, the Maasai, the Ethiopians, and the Nigerians.

The Bantu are an expansionist culture in the Ancient era, good at claiming lots of new real estate early on in the game. In the Classical era, the Garamantes are an agrarian culture that built the innovative qanat irrigation system, which makes them terrific for producing food in their territories. The Swahili, a merchant culture, are the new option for the Medieval era, and are experts at coastal seaport trading – perfect if you’ve got an extensive shoreline.

Here’s the teaser trailer from developer Amplitude:

YouTube Thumbnail

In the Early Modern era, you’ll be able to pick the Maasai, another agrarian culture that Amplitude says will help optimise your growth rate. The Ethiopians arrive in the Industrial era, as a militarist society and one of only two nations that managed to maintain their sovereignty during a time of aggressive European colonisation. In the Contemporary era, the pack adds the Nigerians, an agrarian culture that’s excellent at boosting oil production.

Through January 24, you can snag the Cultures of Africa pack for 10% off its list price, making it $8.09 USD / £6.29.