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4X game Humankind gets a free demo, with 100 turns and three historical eras

Now you can give a good slice of the game a whirl for the low, low cost of nothing

Amplitude Studios is releasing a free demo of strategy game Humankind today, so If you’ve read the Humankind reviews and seen all the news since its August launch, but are still on the fence about whether to dive in yourself, now might be the best time. You’re getting 100 turns and three historical eras across PC platforms for the low, low price of nothing – and there’s a discount on the full experience, too.

“The weather is turning colder, which means a wonderful opportunity to stay inside and play more games!” Amplitude says in a press release. “We hope you’ll count our turn-based historical strategy epic Humankind among them, and try the brand-new demo, out now. (…Unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere, in which case we hope you stay inside and beat the heat with some Humankind!)”.

The demo is available across Steam and the Epic Games and Microsoft Stores, and lets you try the Neolithic, Ancient, and Classical eras, with 14 different cultures to mix-and-match, too. The demo also comes with other features, including customisable avatars and the option to design your own custom maps and share them with other players.

If you’re up for grabbing the full thing after trying the demo’s sampling, you can pick up Humankind for 20% off until December 1. If you’ve already got the standard edition, you can instead grab the deluxe upgrade for 20% off. This comes with a Notre Dame wonder pack, MP3 soundtrack, and a PDF of the unit and tech tree.

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Elsewhere in Humankind news, the strategy game just got its 4.1 patch, which adds a new endgame conditions feature that lets you tailor how things play out using toggles to turn conditions on and off. You can check out the full patch notes at that link.